Outdoor Headshots or Studio Headshots?

Outdoor Headshots or Studio Headshots?

This is a big question and you might think that surely everyone is going with studio photographers these days but there are still plenty of great photographers shooting in the great outdoors.

Lots of photographers learn to shoot with natural light so they feel their most comfortable outside working with whatever nature serves up that day. Other headshots photographers turn their back on natural light once they get to grips with strobes and you might struggle to get them to part with their swanky LED's and speedlights.

Theres also the additional factor of what does your agent like. Plenty of agents, especially some who have been in the business a while really love the outdoor look so its always good to check in with them and see what they like.

So lets take a quick look at both options.


What are the pros? First of all your photographer will have a number of spots they really like so they will be able to give you a number of background options. Some no doubt quite urban while others will be filled with wonderful greenery.

You will hopefully be bathed in lovely soft natural light and there really is nothing like it. Some very clever headshot photographers can recreate it in the studio but theres something really special about getting just the right quality of light at golden hour in your favourite spot in the wilderness.

You will also benefit from some scenery that you just won't be able to recreate in the studio. Unless the photographer has a few replica oak trees lying around. Are there any cons? I think a few yes. It can be cold which doesn't work for everyone and it can also be very windy.

If you have long hair then sudden gusts can be a complete nightmare. This can quickly turn a headshot session into a bit of a test of resilience which you don't really want. It can also be difficult to change outfits. There isn't always a suitable place to change and not everyone feels comfortable getting into their favourite jumpsuit behind a withered Hydrangea…


Here you will have a very safe environment where your headshot photographer will know exactly what results they are going to get with their set up. They will probably have a variety of backdrops to help support your outfit choices and they will no doubt have an interesting range of furniture for you to perch on. A clever photographer will also be able to use a number of different light setups to give you a real range of looks.

You won't be disturbed by any passers by in the peace of a studio and you'll be able to shave, address your make up and all being well, charge your phone. Not everyone likes the look of studio lights of course and if they're not used well then they could be too harsh and wash you out.

So whats the holy grail of photoshoot locations? In case you adored this short article as well as you desire to acquire details relating to pola Slot generously go to our web-site. Is it the studio with its range of canvas backdrops or the wilderness with its gritty tunnels and evocative graveyards?

You will just have to find out what works best for you! It might be that you really shine on a fresh March morning with some glorious sunlight giving some gentle backlight or you might triumph in a cool, slightly distressed East London studio with some creaking floorboards and a fine canvas drop.

Just get out there and shoot and see what you like best!

How do you capture photos that have personality and depth?

This is the challenging part of the job. Everyone is interesting. Everyone is unique. Even the most camera-shy have masses to offer.You just have to find a way in. This is one of the main reasons I only shoot one client a day, as you never really know how long it is going to take and how long someone might need to open up.

I chat the whole time I shoot, and I try as gently as possible to find out what makes the subject tick.

Their hopes, dreams, values, and politics are all of great interest to me, and once you get someone on a topic they care about, interesting things start to happen. When people start to talk about the things that matter to them, their whole demeanour shifts and all sorts of wonderful things can come out of it.

I will then throw in little splashes of posing which will probably have been inspired by little things that the sitter has done during one of these expressive moments.

and Portrait Photographer I am a headshot and portrait photographer based in South East London. I shoot in my studio in Greenwich and work with a wide range of people from the entertainment industry. Ben Wulf Photography – Greenwich, London

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